Does it hurt when you get hit? 

Paintball hit can be described more as a sting, similiar to having a rubber band snapped against your arm. 

Is there a minimum age requirement to play? 

Yes, for walk on play, which is .68 caliber, the minimum age is 10 years old. For low impact parties the minimum age is 8 years old. 

How much paint will i shoot in a day? 

The average player will shoot 500-1,000 Paintballs per day. It all depends on how you shoot. 

Do we need a whole team to play?

No, walk on players(individuals) are welcome every Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. All walk on players are joined together to play. 

Can we play by ourselves?

Yes, with a group of 15 or more players and a reservation you can have a private game with a referee. You must make a reservation and leave a $100 deposit. There is no extra charge for private games. 

Are you open during the week? 

We are open during the week by reservation of 15 or more players. 

What clothing should we wear? 

We recommend old clothes, something you don't mind getting dirty. Paintballs do wash out, but sometimes they leave little oil stains on clothing. Closed Toed shoes are a MUST. We do NOT allow anyone to play in flip flops, crocs, heels, or any other open toed shoes. Many players will wear layers, so they can take some layers off  to cool down or before getting in the car. 

What safety equipment do i need? 

Due to Covid19, we can no longer rent out chest protectors or pod packs. Chest protectors and pod packs can be purchased onsite. Many players will wear a hoodie and pull the hood up to protect their head. Some players wear elbow and knee pads. Paintball mask are a necessity. If you don't feel comfortable wearing one of ours, you can bring your own, or purchase one from our pro shop down the road.  

Do you play in the rain? 

Yes, we play rain or shine. We do allow, and encourage players to bring pop up canopies.

Is there somewhere for parents to sit during a birthday party?

Yes, we have a staging area with over 40 tables, chairs are limited at this time. Parents are welcome to stay and hang out. We do allow and encourage customers to bring pop up tents as well as folding chairs. 

Can we bring food and drinks?

Absolutely! You can bring food and drinks. We do NOT allow alcohol! Paintball and Alcohol don't mix very well. 

What if we book a birthday party package #2 and only 8 kids show up?

This is the most asked question.  We do NOT hold you to the package you book. If only 8 kids show up, then we would move you to a package #1. If more kids show up we will move you up a package. 

Do players need to wear chest protectors? 

   It is NOT a requirement for a player to wear a chest protector. The only required piece of equipment is a paintball mask.  

We have a 12:00pm reservation, what time should we arrive? 

. A party reservation is just like a tee time or dinner reservation. Example: If booked at 4pm please arrive at 4pm. You won’t be eating at that time but your table will be ready for you to check in!  You may arrive early but its not totally necessary.